Fruit trees nursery Michał Krzystyniak

Our nursery offers a broad selection of varieties of the following fruit trees.

APPLE TREESGala, Golden Delicious, Red Boskoop, Idared, Jonagold, Champion and others on the M-9, M-26, M-7, P-14, P-60, A-2 rootstocks

PEAR TREESClapp’s Favorite, Conference, Alexander Lucas and others. Rootstock: Caucasian pear

PLUM TREES – Amers, President, Węgierka zwykła, Węgierka dąbrowicka and others. Rootstock: Prunus cerasifera

CHERRY TREES – Burlad, Kordia, Sam, Summit, Sylwia, Regina and others. Rootstock: Colt

SOUR CHERRY TREES – Kelleris, Groniasta, Łutówka, Nefris and others. Rootstock: Prunus Avium, Antypka

PEACH TREES – Harcot and others. Rootstock: Ałycza

NECTARINE TREES – Harko and others. Rootstock: Rakoniewiecka

GOOSEBERRY TREES – Gooseberries on the trunk

We implement orders upon individual requests of our Customers (budding, grafting). We offer discounts in the case of larger purchases.

We also have trees suitable for ecological orchards. We invite you to cooperate with us.

Fruit trees nursery

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